Welcome! I'm Nicolaas, I love playing games (mostly Halo), I stream, I code, I ride motorbikes and I love music, cats, anime and sushi.

Current Role
Senior Software Engineer
Favorite Framework
Production grade React applications that scale.

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Halo South Africa

An Community platform truly dedicated to #Halo, the goal is to united the local community! You can track your Halo stats here and join the monthly leaderboards.

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MultiVersus Stats

I reverse engineered the internal API used for MultiVersus to create an 3rd party stat tracking website for the game.

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Want to keep up with my open source projects? Go drop a follow on my Github where I share some of my tools!

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Want to become a part of the Sweet Necessities community? Feel free to join our Discord server and stay up to date with my streams and projects!

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About Me

I'm a 26 year old Senior Software Engineer originally from Pretoria (South Africa) now in Alkmaar (Netherlands). I love everything that has to do with development & innovation, graphic design, streaming and gaming. I also love going for rides on my Kawasaki ZX10R and I absolutely adore cats.

In my free time when I'm not working on any of my Halo projects I play Halo competitively and spend time with my two lovely kitties (Amy + Miku).

Node-Essentials V2 📦

Node-Essentials V2 📦

So first off, I just want to thank everyone that used my first and only NPM package I've ever created. I pretty much abandoned the project after getting more experienced these past few years but today I decided I wanted to update this package and make it a little bit more useful.



For a while now I've wanted to jump into the deep end of GraphQL and see what all the fuzz is about. And oh my I wish I did it sooner. GraphQL is A query language for your API, this gives you the ability to ask for exactly what you need from the API and nothing more.



January 15, 2019 - We kick things off with Halo player NicmeisteR who continues to keep the community alive with LAN events and community tournaments. He has also assisted Halo South Africa with their website and streams the game regularly, proving his passion truly is all things Halo.



December 1, 2016 - Die tournament wat ons nou in gaan speel is ‘n 4v4 tournament en daar is 8 spanne wat deelneem. Nico ‘NicmeisteR’ Nel is deel van Team Cyanide, een van die spanne wat deelneem in die Halo SA tournament. Hy is jonger en beter as ek, en het my al klaar so paar dinge oor Halo 5 geleer. Ek het besluit om hom so paar vrae te vra.

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